Fendi Private Suites

UX/UI Design


Fendi Private Suites Roma

The Challenge

Fendi Private Suites is the first Fendi Hotel located in the heart of Rome. The hotel is situated on the third floor of the stunning Palazzo Fendi. Guests cannot only shop in Fendi's flagship boutique but also stay there. The fashion house was in the need of a new website for its new hotel that could reflect their elegance and exclusivity. However, the main aspect was to separate the boutique from the hotel by giving it its own style and personality.

My Role

UX/UI Design

Credits: TravelClick, Fendi Private Suites 2016

The Design Process

Mid-fidelity wireframes were done for desktop and mobile versions since potential guests were using these devices to book according to analytics results. It was important that the main navigation was simple without overwhelming. The layout should follow a minimalist style in its content and structure in order to achieve an engaging experience for sophisticated customers.

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The Final Product

The marble pattern and subtle details used in the design layout gives you that sumptuous and exclusive twist of Roman elegance combined with modern and minimalistic design. From the usability point of view, the website allows users to discover any hotel aspect in simple steps. The end result accomplishes a friendly and functional experience with a well thought layout full of images and text placements that play an important role by visually sorting all components on the site.

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