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We Feed Raw Co.

The Challenge

We Feed Raw is a pet food subscription-based raw food service that ships nationally in the United States using a co-packer business model (plan, portion, package, and deliver). They wanted to improve their website experience in order to continue to transition more pet parents to their service. Some of the tasks were critical to the success of the product, such as, web optimization, improving the customer journey, and simplify the complexity and logistics of the company as a whole.

My Role

User Research, UX/UI Design, Animation, Usability Testing

Credits: Acid Tango, We Feed Raw 2022

Research & Discovery

Because we had to restructure the way they were working, we involved service design for the task. First off, we set out to analyze user roles and define objectives for the product based on their needs. We started with a research and discovery phase. This included analyzing the existing website, share needs and behaviors, third party integrations, learning from insights we get from Google Analytics and stakeholder interviews.



Due to the urgency of the project to reach launch soon, we decided to approach it as an MVP and have continuous iterations and improvements from there.

MVP1 Design Team: Elsa Carenzo (Service Designer), Abel Espinosa (Product Designer), Blanca Garcia (Product Designer).

MVP2 Design Team: Blanca Garcia (Product Designer).

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Usability Testing

User tests with 3 different prototypes were conducted with real We Feed Raw customers through the Maze platform. In order to incentivize customers to participate, WFR provided a discount on their next purchase. Each test consisted of completing 2 missions in each of them. The chosen customers to complete the test were new to We Feed Raw, Meal Plan Subscribers, and One-Time Purchase Clients.



In general, the clients seem to like the new design and flow of We Feed Raw website, Create Meal Plan Flow, My Account, and Bulk Patties sections. They found it easier to access their information and edit it themselves instead of reaching out to customer support as before. They find the information displayed useful and like the new look and feel of the site. However, there were some details to have taken into account in order to improve the user experience for the MVP2.


Website Design

We took into consideration the opportunities across UX/UI, the visual design direction, and visual content that our ideation phase yielded, to end up with a refurbished stunning website with a better customer experience from beginning to end. Easy browsing, easy ordering, and easy subscription management.

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A custom wizard was created in order to guide users through a series of simple steps in order to gather their pet's data and generate a unique tailored Meal Plan according to its needs and characteristics.

My Account

The user experience in My Account was enhanced to enable users to modify their subscription as they wish. From your pet’s profile, you can modify the frequency, daily dose, proteins, add new products, and even pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Also, you can edit your contact and shipping information from your profile. All the useful information is on hand to keep track of your orders and next delivery and billing dates.

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Thanks to the new purchasing flexibility, the user can buy directly from the e-commerce by subscribing or making only one time purchase. The shopping flow resulted in more impulse purchases, less cart abandonment, and higher overall conversion.

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