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Moonshot Enterprises

The Challenge

Moonshot Enterprises have developed a software tool that materializes wishes of individual commercialized product goods. Each person can apply and wish for a product at Moonshot once a year, but only 5% of the people are eligible by Moonshot neural network. Therefore, It was important to make a very visual and fun design at the same time to encourage the user to apply for their own wish, each a different commercialized product good.

My Role

UX/UI Design, User Research, Branding

Credits: Freelance 2019

User Research

I’ve based my user research on tech-savvy young and mid-age men and women (30-65) from different backgrounds who are in search of excitement and likes to pamper themselves from time to time.

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The Design Process

Due to the nature of the app which is a fun experience that offers you to wish for a desired product and be eligible to win it fro free, it was important to maintain the same exciting feeling in the user flow and in the interface design. Therefore, I’ve decided to create a dreamy visual atmosphere throughout the app with an engaging interaction experience for users. Once you arrived on the Home Screen, the first thing the app asks you is “how lucky do you feel today?”. It lets you to choose the percentage of your lucky feeling and it bases its search according to it. The higher your percentage, the better the products results for each category will be.

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The Final Product

A user-centered approach was selected as a priority providing all the required steps to carry out a fun and satisfactory experience. Dreamy illustrations, smooth transitions, and eye catchy colors were designed to provide a lucky and optimistic feeling. Like a wish upon a star, the whole experience throughout the app makes you get excited for your wish to come true.

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