Ava Adore

Logotype, Lettering, Branding


Ava Adore

Case Study

Ava Adore is an alternative rock band from Barcelona. They combine their own style with a strong influence in the grunge-alternative rock scene from the 90's. The band has played in different European countries such as Italy, UK, and Spain.

They were in the need of a logo that could represent them as a unified band. Lead vocalist, Paola Bailey, and Marc Carrey on guitar, are the core of the band and a couple as well. The logo was based in the idea of ligatures in musical notes. The lettering is based in the curves shapes found in clefs and notes. Identity collaterals were design with their new logo for merchandising purposes.

My Role

Graphic Design, Logotype, Lettering, Branding

Credits: Freelance 2015

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